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Specialized in providing civil security services with the highest quality standards.

K9 Police Dogs

We provides K9 Police Dogs specially trained in:

  • Illegal Drugs Detection.
  • Bomb & Explosive Detection.
  • Chasing Lawless Elements.
  • Other Security Special Tasks.


Optimal use of the best Security Systems for early monitoring and prevention of any breach of security, Assessing targets and verifying their threat to the facility,Documentations,Recording of Security Events ,Incidents.


In Allewaa Special Est., Civil Security Services is specifically important in providing services to the client in accordance with the highest international standards performed by qualified and well trained Saudi Security Personnel which primary aim is to protect individuals, public facilities, industrial and private establishments


Allewaa Special Est. is proud to be one of the companies that offer the highest level of services in accordance with international standard.


Experience in the planning and implementation of events security and control events of conferences, forums, exhibitions, festivals or any other event to keep things going in a safe environment through security plans tailored to the needs of the event.


Security checks/inspection for ships and port facilities to ensure proper & effective security measure.


In the near future, the shooting range will offer both internal and external shooting methods based on high technology and international modern standards to ensure the learning, practice and follow-up of professional and recreational shooting in a safe and technically sound manner according to internationally accepted standards.


In line with the vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Allewaa Special Est. has established a special department for women’s civil security. The female members are selected to this department thoroughly and carefully, and are trained on women’s security tasks and how to deal with the female personalities in commercial areas and public areas and eventsـ.

What we offer is different from our competitors. We care about performance and quality to get the most out of your expectations.

Why everyone trusts our services

Why everyone trusts our services

Why everyone trusts our services

Why everyone trusts our services

National cadres

Our services are designed to keep customers valuable time and keep them from day-to-day security concerns through highly trained national teams.

High quality

Our quality is first achieved by delivering quality products and services. In addition, we are continuously developing performance in rapid and effective response.

Security & Safety

We formulate environmental health and safety programs to suit our customers’ safety procedures and policies and the highest international quality standards.

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